About Us


Passion Investment (PI)  is a leading professional investment company with expertise in equity (specializing in listed companies in Vietnam stock market). Incorporated in 2015 by a group of leading professionals with decades of experiences in the investment fund management industry, PI provides optimal financial solutions that fit the diverse needs of each client.

Passion Investment focuses on maintaining a stable margin and maximizing the return-on-investment (ROI) for clients. At PI, we employ the principles of value investing and our top priority placed on preserving capital for customers. Additionally, creativity and teamwork allow us to deliver what we promise and delivering is what we are best at.


  • Total assets managed: VND 700 billion
  • Operating field: Financial investment – PI invests in listed shares on the stock exchange to bring profits to clients.
  • Successfully advised clients: over 650 clients and 1,500 signed contracts (as at December 2017)


“Client interests always come first”

In 2016, over 95% of average profitability ratio was successfully brought to customers.


  • Sustainable profitability: Our top priority focus on preserving customer capital, maintaining a consistent return on equity and leveraging the power of compound interest to maximize customers’ benefits.
  • Trustful: We are committed to working with honesty, reliability and respect. We take great pride in the excellence and professionalism of our work.
  • Dedication: Tailored services to different client needs. We try to understand and satisfy customers’ needs, seek opportunities to achieve more of customers’ expectations, always willingly shoulder every responsibility entrusted to us and always considering customers’ benefits as our own. We constantly raise the bar and do our best to deliver beyond expectations.
  • Transparency: We provide solutions that enable customers to keep track of business cooperation accounts in timely and efficiently manner.