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The rate of return from early 2021: -3.03%

Monthly and Annual Returns (%)

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In order to prepare for my child’s education, I started seeking for investment advisory where I can receive high profits. In 2014, instead of depositing in bank account or insurance companies (stable but remains low profitability), I decided to invest my savings amount of VND 200 million in Passion Investment after thoroughly  considerations. Since then, with the stunning results of 22% arose in first year, I decided to increase my investment and results was beyond my expectations when arose to 48% per year in 2015.  Still I am extremely satisfied with my investment decision and enjoy life with peace of mind knowing that my loved ones are well-protected

Ms. Nguyen Thi Diem Hang
Saigontourist Cable television Co. (SCTV)

I decided to invest in Passion Investment as this company has superior competitive advantages to other investment channels in terms of long-term investment strategy. I am firmly confident with PI’s investment strategy and approach which led by experienced professionals provides good investment consultancy. Since I have been working in the financial sector for years, I have considered company’s investment method with the expectation of return around 20%-30% per annum.

Ms. Tran Phuong Dung
Techcombank Vietnam

Over time, PI has demonstrated to its clients the professionalism in their businesses operating process reflected through: form of contracts, legal foundations, talented personnel, etc. After a month of investing in PI, from the first investment, I confidently opened two more investment services at PI and introduced to my friends about their services.

Personally, the most decisive factor makes Passion Investment strives towards a leading investment company in this competitive fund management sector grounded in their business philosophy and their exceptional customer service experiment delivered to their clients. Highly appreciate their hard work with strong performance.

Mr. Hoang Vu Manh

I’ve been working in financial sector for many years and also experimenting with variety of investment options, I believe that Passion Investment is an effective investing option for those seeking to make a profitable investment from securities investment without having limited time to direct investing.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Vu
Maritime Bank

My friend has opened account with Passion Investment and started receiving impressive results from her investment. Through her recommendation, I decided to spend my savings with the hope of maximizing my initial investment. I am really impressed with their professional service by providing the weekly report of my investment with desired interest rate as well as transparent and understandable  information to “amateur” like me can easily know the current status of my investment.

Ms. Tran Minh Hanh

I really enjoyed and satisfied with the investment decision at Passion Investment. Since early this year, I have invested VND 150 million and as a result, I received more than VND 50 million of interests. Compared to the ordinary investment form (e.g: depositing savings account at banks), this type of investment brings many advantages in terms of interest rates and benefits for customers like me.

Mr. Hoang Do
Lecturer / Tay Nguyen University

Since investing at Passion Investment through my friend’s recommendation, I am quite happy with the results as it increases significantly at 34%, much greater than the normal rate of return compared to ordinary investment channels.

Mr. Duong Minh Ngoc
Business owner / VIC Shop

Admittedly, PI’s expert is very good, after 6 months of capital contribution, my PI account has increased by 61.05%, after sharing with PI I still have a surplus of 44.2%. While my personal account on the stock market, my own investment only grew 3% (considered as breakeven). Thanks to investment in PI experts, it is okay to view reports at the end of the week, without losing too much trading time, it is the most moving.

Mr. Mai Thanh
Deputy General Director of Cement Cong Thanh

Can’t believe it, I never thought that the stock was so safe and high. If I do not experience it myself, I may still consider securities as a high risk investment. But PI was me changing my mind.
I also do a lot of natural people when I talk about profits of 81.74% in 1 year working with PI. I know that it is not always highly profitable because Pi always offers the expected interest rate of 20% / year. This is the initial investment capital contributed by myself and I want to be able to develop this account capital larger to serve my long-term future goals. When investing all this money in PI, I thought a lot about the possible risks, however, PI friends advised and provided safe investment plans for themselves. I believe PI will be the same and better in the future. I wish PI always success!

Ms. Dang Hong Anh
Planning Board - National Convention Center


Previously, I played stock to make a little extra work, but as a result, I don’t have any skills and no time for it, leading to a loss of up to 50% of my capital. out. After that time, I focus on working and accumulating savings. After a long period of about 5 years, with different economics and thinking, combined with the exchange of places in La Giang Trung on the securities investment of Passion Investment. After a period of investment, the profitability efficiency exceeded expectations, completely changed his thinking at the beginning when signing the contract as well as handing over money to Passion.
Thinking now is simply what we specialize in, then focus on that. Hopefully, its coordination with Passion Investment will be in an increasing direction.

Mr. Đo Ha

I decided to become partner with PI after thorough consideration and research about company. Undoubtedly, PI never fails me when they provide excellent services along with stunningrate of return.

Mr. Hoang Trung Duc
Panasonic Research Development Centre

Until now, investing with Passion Investment has been one of my best investment decisions so far.  Given the opportunity to know about company’s services as well as directly received consulting advice from their management team helps me to put beyond 100% of trust at Passion Investment. Their services bring high profitability and updated transparent records dissolve my concerns about investment opportunity in Vietnam. Huge thanks to PI and I still remain supporting their business till the vey an end.

Mr. Hoang Van Phong

I have been investing in PI since 2016 until now for about 2 years, the profit has increased by more than 200%. At first joining PI, I was a bit shy because I had to manage an English center, I was afraid that I wouldn’t have much time to follow these external investment channels. When I invested, everything was easier than I thought because every week there were very detailed and clear reports sent by email, so I felt quite reassuring. My friends invested in PI a lot, if it weren’t for the fact that my family wouldn’t have had to withdraw a profitable investment like this. PI will always be my number one investment choice!

Ms. Le Hang
Management- Real English English Center

Line share to PI friend I wish to have the most success in 2017!
I learned about Passon Investment (PI) through my boss, who is very good at investing. My boss said, just invest in PI without fear of losses. Hii. I trusted my boss and invested a small amount of money with the desire to increase my capital by about 30-40% / year. Every week, I receive reports from PI, see my cash flow going up, week down a little, making me feel happy and sad every week and have the suspense to wait. Looking back at PI’s 2016 growth chart with investment interest rates up to nearly 100% – ?? very impressive. I have more hope and hope that the time will pass quickly so that until the first day of the year I invest in PI and see how my results are. I hope PI will have good results like this year 2016 so that I can fulfill my desire to travel to Europe.
I wish PI maintain the current form!

Ms. Ta Thu Huong
Managing Vietnam Online Communication Company

Passion Investment is where I choose to work and is also a place to deposit a small amount of money to build travel plans. Investors need to choose the right place, the right expert and with the decision to deposit a small amount of money into PI now the interest rate for their small investment has exceeded the expectation of 20% of the Company. Just wait a few more months, just the right time to go to the army is the time to finalize the investment.

With an investment in the company with a minimum period of 1 year, it may be a bit long for many people, but people can feel secure when participating in the company’s products. Because of the very clear transparency of cash in and out, people who put their money in always know what their money is used for. Unlike some people I have been told to invest in channels and channels for a short time, with high profits … but when asked if they know what they do with their capital, no one can answer.
As for PI, everyone can rest assured their capital is invested in stocks listed on the stock market. So at the end of each quarter, I also know the portfolio.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Anh
Accountant of Passion Investment Joint Stock Company

I started my housing investment plan with Passion Investment after spending days researching about this company. I can easily access any information about their performance efficiency records from their website. Therefore, I decided to use my savings amount (which just in time expired at bank deposit) at Passion Investment. With the significant results I received from weekly reports, I totally confident that my housing investment plan will be fulfilled in a short time.

Ms. Do Thi Hang

Surprisingly, my investment exceeds beyond expectations with the return rate at 64.14% just after 1 year.  Besides, weekly reports were provided with clear information helped such investors like me easily understand investment activity. I would definitely invest more in PI if little did I know I would receive more than my initial investment. Thank you PI for bringing such excellent service.

Facebook: Cao Thanh Phan

Mr. Phan Thanh Cao
Civil Engineer

One contract was finalized after one year of PI fund participation. The profit is very good, minus the actual commission plus the commission is still 5x%. The transfer payment procedure is very fast and fair. Will continue to support PI in the coming years, thank Mr. Trung and company

Mr. Nguyen Anh Duc
Staff of Noi Bai International Airport

PI successfully helps me to realize the perception in the sustainable return of securities trading in Vietnam. Through friend’s referral since 2012, I started invest to PI with the minimum starting capital as VND 10 million with little concerns regarding risks of securities investment in Vietnam. However, the impressive performance of company’s profitability has changed my perception towards investment in VN. I gradually decide to upgrade my  investment’s size with high ambition of getting new house in the next few years.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Giang

It is happened to know Passion Investment through friend’s referral. With the investing capital of VND 100 million, my family chose the ‘guaranteed minimum profit’ service scheme and after 1 year, I received decent rate at 20% alongside with the competitive fee rate. Currently, I still have another investment accounts at PI, hopefully the result will be good so we can have extra fund for my family’s future purposes.

Ms. Do Thi Minh Trang
Building and Environmental Technology Transfer JSC

After 1 year investing with Passion Investment (PI), I have been beneficial with a surprising interest rate so I know my decision is right when partnering with PI.

Ms. Nguyen Thanh Nguyet


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