• With years of experience in the securities investment sector following value investment strategy, keeping an open minded and flexible investing mindset, using the power of compound interest to bring maximum return to investors, Passion Investment has been providing a variety of investment packages suitable to individual and institutional customers.
  • At present, Passion Investment offers a Business Cooperation product with a minimum capital of VND 200 million for most individual customers. In addition, individual customers with large capital and institutional clients can cooperate with Passion Investment through a separate Account Management product from VND50 billion. In addition, Passion Investment has products for priority customers who have trusted for many years to cooperate with the Company. During the cooperation, investment efficiency will be reported weekly to investors by Passion Investment.
  • The Company’s goal is to continuously learn and develop investment capacity to maintain superior results compared to the market, focusing on efficiency of capital investment over scale development.


The average annual profit rate for the 5-year period from 2016 to the end of 2020 of Business Cooperation products reached the average rate of 44.66% / year.

  • Profit margin for 2016: 95.38%
  • Profit margin for 2017: 50.45%
  • Profit margin for 2018: – 16.23%
  • Profit margin for 2019: 36.49%
  • Profit margin for 2020: 88.53%

(Figures for 2016-2019 were audited by Grant Thornton and Deloitte)