Investment Cooperation

Investment Cooperation Service

This is a pooling method where the money is pooled by many different investors sharing the same investment objectives and managed by Passion Investment.

Services characteristics

  • Investors pool the capital into a business cooperation account.
  • Passion Investment manages such business cooperation account and makes investments on the stock market.
  • The value of business cooperation account will rise or fall, depending on how Passion Investment’s investment performs.

Investment Cooperation Forms

Why Should You Choose Investment Cooperation Service?

  • High profitability: Investment cooperation service leverages the advantage of investment scale (in relation to other investors). Powered by highly experienced professionals, PI will give an outstanding rate of return to customers.
  • Suitability: With only a low minimum investment value (starting from VND10 million), customers can join investment cooperation service. In addition, the company only collects management fees when the rate of return is above the base rate of 6%.
  • Transparency: Investment efficiency of Passion Investment will be made public on Fridays on its website. Passion Investment will send weekly reports to investors. Deposit/withdrawal and account changes in business cooperation account are validated by a third supervisory party. Customers can choose one of many available investment cooperation forms suitable to their profit objectives and risk appetites.